Oral Embryology

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Oral embryology is the study of the developmental stages of the teeth and oral cavity from conception to before the birth of a fetus. The face and oral cavity all begin to devolp within the embryonic period of pregnancy. For the oral cavity to be fully functional it has to go through many different developmental stages.

The development of the oral cavity begins within the third week of pregnancy when the Ectoderm and Mesoderm form. The Ectoderm or (outer layer) of the embryonic layers is responsible for the formation of the enamel of the teeth as well as the lining of the oral cavity. The Mesoderm or (middle layer) of the embryonic layers is responsible in the formation of the dentin,pulp and cementum of the teeth. Early development of the mouth begins in the late third week of pregnancy the stomodeum looks as a pit in the underling pits of the forebrain. This "pit" will form the future oral cavity and the surrounding tissues will form the face. The branchial arches look like bars of horizontal tissues on both sides of the of the fetal neck between the oral "pit" and the heart thats developing. These branchial arches will be responsible for the formation of the face and the oro-pharnyx. During the fourth week of oral development the stomodeum and the pharynx merge and the branchial arches begin to form. The first branchial arch to form is the mandibular arch also known as the first branchial arch bends around the oral plate and forms two parts the Maxiallary division and the mandibular division the stomodeum is surrounded by the first branchial arches structures, it splits open as the embryo continues development "The first arch[->0], as the first to form, separates the mouth pit or stomodeum[->1] from the pericardium[->2]. By differential growth the neck elongates and

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