Oral Defense

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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September 27, 2012, 5:00 in the afternoon, the proponents Pictures in Motion will face the panelists. Before the time has come, the proponents come to the university early for preparation. They went to the tarpaulin printing shop for their 3” by 3” tarpaulin. The proponents have six hours left so they check for their power point presentation. The feeling that can’t explain whether it is nervousness, hungriness or just nothing, is in the proponents. Staying inside the simulation room, near the conference room where the proponents will defend the project feasibility study, is a big pressure. Everytime there is a group inside the conference room defending their study and many errors are noticed and those errors are also in our study, we always want to change it. But how? The papers are inside the conference room. Two hours left, still there is the feeling that can’t explain. The proponents decided to have their haircut (hoping that we will be calm). While inside the salon, we are hoping that we will not be trashed or atleast our study will be feasible enough in the eyes of the panelists especially Dean Yu who is very strict when it comes to financial aspect (the most crucial part for the proponents). The time has come. We are going to defend our proposed business, Pictures in Motion, a mobile photography studio. Everyone of the proponents is nervous. We first discussed what is on our PowerPoint presentation and after that is the question and answer portion infront of the panelists. The proponents really appreciate the suggestions and comments of the panelists. The feelings that can’t be explained are now being explained. The feelings of happiness are expressed in the proponents’ faces. The proponents will revised the study based on the suggestions and comments of the panelists. After the question and answer, we realized the errors that we made in our study. It’s like the torn is eliminated. The happiness that this feasibility study is over is now can...
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