Oral Communication Review

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  • Published : July 18, 2013
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Essentials of oral communication skills can be divide into power of oral communication, power of speech, characteristics of good speech, traits of a good speaker, advantages of a oral ommunication, styles of oral comunication, comunication grid, elements of styles of communication behaviour, one is agood as one thinks, assertive rights of individuals, straegies for assertive style of communication, traits of assertive style of communication and determining / changing style of communication.Oral communication review connotes words uttered through the mouth such as spoken words. It is any utterance of, at near the mouth, involving resonance of the mouth. It is must be disinguished from the nasal resonance – resonance through the nose, oral communication always conveys an idea or a feeling. At any rate, it is pointless talking unless someone is listening. One cannot be listening unless someone is speaking or talking. The propotion goes up as one goes up the hierarchical levels. Speaking emplied on talking,conversing,chatting,addressing and discoursing. A close synonym of listening is hearing. Hearing is any sound thaht goes through the auditory nerves or sound waves as they enter the ears.Listening is a very powerful trait of leader.Spoken words form a powerful medium for influencing people to accomplish tasks. Outside of the organization, community and political leaders are called upon to speak on several occasion or functions. Master speakers and orators have been sought to speak on diverse subjects. Powerfull speeches can inspire the audience,build tension issues or relax tension among the audience or it can incite people fight or induce them to be friendly.Listening to a good speech is a very interesting experience. First things that is important in order to be a good speakers is clarity. The voice should be clear ,tone should vary and pitch should be pleasent. Emotion and arguments should come straight from the heart so that audience should grasp it easily. It should register with the listeners and vibrate with their feeling and thoughts. Informal,personal and conversational also one of the aspects that should be seen by a speakers. A good speakers should be able to convey his complete message in that period. He should come straight to the point and say what he wants by bringing three or four points to their attention. A speakers win or loses the battle in the first two or three minutes. Traits of a good speaker is speaker have also to learn and acquire skills in speaking. These skills can vary widely from being effective in conversation among a few colleagues, a medium sized group or a large audience verging upon a public speech. A few salient traits of a good speaker are ( be earnest) a n earnest person speaks not to show or not talks about irrelevant topics. remains conscious of the purpose of his speech, (has a sense of commitment to his subject) thinks and plans ahead what has to say and does not take on more than what can be accomplished,(keep his cool) not carried away by excitement and enthusiasm, ( has a good sense of leadership ) speaks with eye contacts with the audience in full measure, talks with confident and responsibility. Lastly, (is focused and interested) the speaker must convey that he is very interested in the subject as it is interesting and will be of interest to his audience too. In styles of oral communication need to understand the meaning and importance or oral communication. Communication grid is style of communication one adopts in a given situation is largely influenced by person’s evaluation of self-esteem. It is judgments about own worth as a person and reflects ones’ life position in term of ones’ belief in own competence and success. There are several style have a direct influence on individuals thinking and impact on his oral communication. Assertive style is the best and most positive stance of behavior. When individuals...