Oral Communication in English: Forms, Functions, and Strategies

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Oral Communication in English: Forms, Functions, and Strategies

Name:Siti Maisharah Md.shafie

Learning Centre:Petaling Jaya

Jan 2011 Semester

Being able to communicate orally in English in a wide variety of social contexts is one of the most important skills that we may have acquired or are in the process of acquiring. We may use this way of communicating through language in several forms depending upon our communication needs in particular situations. Intrapersonal communication occurs more or less continuously within ourselves, and we use it to think, to reason, to solve problems, etc. We also need to engage in interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public communication, among others, to satisfy our communication needs in a range of other situations/contexts English is an official second language in Malaysia as it is globally used in the whole world. People start realizing the vital use of English in this new millennium as in this day and age it is widely used and spoken either with family, with friend, people at work or even with the larger audience such as members of public. Communication in English turns out to be component of significant skill in studies and business community as most of the learning and business process has done in English. Therefore, it has become a major concern to Malaysia’s citizen in order to cope with today challenge as majority of Malaysian still has dilemma to communicate orally in English.

1. Introduction

Some people are born with effective communication skills; others need to develop them. Developing effective communication skills requires repeated practice, which you can do by putting yourself frequently in situations where you have to interact with a variety of people. Consider joining social clubs or public speaking and debate clubs to polish up your skills. First of all let see what is communication are about. There are many definition of communication. From the OUMH1303: English for Oral Communication Skill module, written by S Sivagnanachelvi, Dr Chong Poh Wan, Chua Eok Keng & Cik Norazlina Mohamad (2010) Carl Rogers(1952), he says that: “Real communication occurs when we listen with understanding- to see the expressed idea and attitude from the other person’s point of view, to sense how it feel to him, to achieve his frame of reference in regard to the things he is talking about”.

Elizabeth Tierney (1998) also in written in the book describe that communication as a process which begins when you have a message that you want to deliver to an audience. When your audience receive the message, she or he will react and then will respond to the message. That respond may lead you to react and then give another message. This message wouldn’t stop and may go on and on. According to Julia T.Wood (2009) as cited from the OUMH1303:English for Oral Communication Skill (2010), she describe communication as: “Communication is a systematic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret message”

According to Camp & Satterwhite (2002) there are three type of communication. First, written communications which take place via letter, memos, email, report etc. Second is Non-Verbal communication where no words are used and it is expressed and convey through feeling, facial expression, gestures and body movements. Lastly is oral communication where thoughts and idea are conveyed via spoken language.

2. The Oral Communication Process

What is oral communication? According to Camp and Satterwhite (2002), explained that oral communication is a two-way process that requires both a speaker and a listener. It is most effective when the sender of a message has good speaking...
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