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Workflow Performance Tuning
Karen Brownfield Solution Beacon, LLC
Workflow is similar to other tools in the application technology toolset in that it needs to be monitored and occasionally tuned. It's not just about deleting history and ensuring all workflows are functioning (although this is certainly part of it). This paper discusses several additional methods to increase the performance of the workflow components. The discussion will focus on Release 11.5.10 with (RUP 5) or (RUP 6) and Release 12 (all releases)

Which Are You?
Workflow is an integral part of E-Business Suite Releases 11i and Release 12. Even if your company declares it is not using workflow, the E-Business Suite is. Every time you make changes to employees, to users, to customer contacts, to positions, and/or to responsibilities, Oracle initiates Business Events and these Business Events are part of workflow. Workflow is both a technology and an application. It is only supported within E-Business Suite and is part of the Application Technology Group (ATG). Like any E-Business Suite application it should be properly setup and like any technology it should be monitored. Companies that ignore workflow and expect it to perform perfectly without any intervention or monitoring are behaving like ostriches. “The opposite of the ostrich is the rooster who is alert and awake early to see what is on the horizon. Rather than fear, he crows loudly a warning to be heeded by all.” ( Roosters read not only the manuals for the workflow technology, but also the workflow sections in each application they are running. These companies monitor MetaLink for new documents and new practices that can positively impact the performance of workflow in their environments.

Patch Current
Because workflow is part of the ATG group, and this group underlies all applications, it is important to patch current. Oracle states that current for Oracle Applications Technology supports the current and previous rollups (RUPn and RUPn-1). In addition to these RUPs, there are many one-offs that should be applied. The paper “What’s New in Workflow 11i RUP5, RUP6 and R12” contains a discussion of products that are intricately linked with workflow and a list of MetaLink Doc. IDs that will help users keep track of current and critical patches. In addition, the OAUG Workflow SIG,, contains a list of one-off patches and the MetaLink Doc. IDs that reference these patches.

Collaborate 09 - OAUG Forum

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Remember, if there are issues with a specific workflow, information about that workflow will be found in that product’s documentation and MetaLink section. Another source for workflow information is the book The ABCs of Workflow for E–Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12. This book is available from and

Clean up Errored Workflows
Workflows can error for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, these errors must be corrected and the workflow either continued or aborted. The administration screens in Oracle Administration Manager (OAM) provide an excellent method to identify all errored workflows and the activity that errored. See the paper by Susan Behn “Workflow Troubleshooting” for an explanation of how to use these screens. The following query will show if there are any errored workflows SELECT COUNT (*) ,item_type ,activity_name ,MIN (item_begin_date) ,MAX (item_begin_date) FROM wf_item_activity_statuses_v WHERE activity_status_code = 'ERROR' AND item_end_date IS NULL GROUP BY item_type ,activity_name ORDER BY 3 DESC, 1 DESC, 2; Following is a sample result of this query. Look first at the most recent errors and then the...
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