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Parallel Concurrent Processing
Mike Swing TruTek RMOUG 2009

• You don’t need RAC to use Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP)! • If you have PCP enabled, secondary nodes must be defined during the upgrade to R12 • Tuning of TCP, SQLNet and PMON parameters can minimize PCP failover time. • Implement Failover Sensitive Workshifts


Concurrent Processing Server
Allows scheduling of jobs – batch jobs, or Requests in Oracle terms. Processes concurrent programs as a Request. Requests can be grouped together into Request Sets. Different types of concurrent managers handle different types of requests. A concurrent program can be assigned to a responsibility, and that responsibility can be assigned to users, allowing them the permission to run the concurrent program. Concurrent managers may have limits on the concurrent programs that can be run, and the times that they can be started. Requests have priorities, status and log and out files in the above directory 3

• • • • • • • CP => Concurrent Processing DCD => Dead Connection Detection ICM => Internal Concurrent Manager IM => Internal Monitor CRM => Conflict Resolution Manager PCP => Parallel Concurrent Processing PMON => Process Monitor for ICM 4

Concurrent Request


Phase and Status of Concurrent Requests
Phase Pending Pending Running Completed Completed Completed Inactive Status Normal Standby Normal Normal Error Warning No Manager Description - Action The request is waiting to be picked up by the next available manager. Waiting for CRM to resolve conflict. CRM could be slow or an incompatible program is running. The request is running normally. The request has finished successfully The request has finished with an error. Check logs. The request has finished with a Warning. Check the logs. Request won’t run without a manager. Specialization rules aren’t configured properly. 6

PCP Failover
•DB Node – RH8






•PCP •Database Listener

•SQL*Net •Client

•SQL*Net •Client

•SQL*Net •Client

•TCP_KEEPALIVE takes 240 seconds before issuing DCD


Concurrent Managers


Concurrent Managers
Manager Type Internal Concurrent Manager Conflict Resolution Manager Internal Monitor Concurrent Manager Concurrent Manager Concurrent Manager Concurrent Manager Transaction Manager Transaction Manager Transaction Manager Transaction Manager Service Instance Internal Manager Conflict Resolution Manager Internal Monitor:Node Service Manager: Node Standard Manager Inventory Manager Session History Cleanup PA Streamline Manager CRP Inquiry Manager FastFormula Transaction Manager PO Document Approval Manager Transaction Manager Scheduler/Prerelease Manager OAM Generic Collection Service:Node Program FNDLIBR FNDCRM FNDIMON FNDSM FNDLIBR INVLIBR FNDLIBR PALIBR CYQLIB FFTM POXCON FNDTMTST FNDSVC FNDSVC 9

Concurrent Processing
1. The Concurrent Web Processing server Interface Browser communicates with the database using Forms Server Oracle SQL*Net. JAVA 2. The concurrent JInitiator Interface program log or output Reports Server file from a request is passed back as a report to the Report SQL*Net ICM Service Internal Report Review Agent. FNDLIBR Manager Monitor Review FNDSM .rdx FNDIMON 3. The Report Review Agent Agent passes a file Standard Manager containing the entire Requests Log Out FNDCRM FNDLIBR report to the forms server. 4. The Forms Services component passes the report back to the user’s browser one page at time. Profile options can be used to control the size of the files and pages passed, to suit report volume and available network capacity. HTML

Web Server


Internal Concurrent Manager
• The Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM) starts, sets the number of active processes, monitors, and terminates all other concurrent processes through requests made to the Service Manager, including restarting any failed processes. • The ICM...
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