Oracle Audit

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• Consolidate and secure audit


Satisfying compliance regulations and mitigating security risks are two of the top security challenges businesses face today. Oracle Audit Vault reduces the cost and complexity of compliance and helps detect suspicious activity by automating the collection and consolidation of audit data. Out of the box compliance and entitlement reports provide cost effective monitoring of enterprise databases. Monitoring for Security, Compliance, and Privacy Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and regional privacy directives are just a few of the regulations and industry standards that require a defense-in-depth approach to security. Businesses not only have to protect sensitive information, but also monitor access to sensitive information for both compliance and potential threats. Examination of numerous data breaches has shown that auditing could have helped detect problems early, reducing the financial impact. Oracle Audit Vault transparently collects and consolidates audit data, providing valuable insight into who did what to which data when – including privileged users who have direct access to the database. With Oracle Audit Vault compliance and entitlement reports, alert notifications, and centralized audit policy management, reduce the risks from internal threats and greatly reduces the cost of compliance.. Oracle Audit Vault leverages Oracle's industry leading database security and data warehousing technology for managing, analyzing, storing, and archiving large volumes of audit data. Oracle Audit Vault supports Oracle9i and higher databases as well as SQL Server 2000, 2005, & 2008 releases, Sybase ASE 12.5.4 through 15.0.x, and IBM DB2 8.2 through 9.5. Out-of-the Box Entitlement and Compliance Reports Oracle Audit Vault provides entitlement reports with up-to-date snapshots of Oracle Database users, privileges, and profiles, which allow auditors to...
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