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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Most of us dreams of becoming the boss of the bosses, I mean, we always envision ourselves on the top. We want to fulfill the 5th stage in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is the Self-Actualization stage less do we know that in attaining that, we have to deal with such great responsibilities.

Experiencing the shoes of Tarlac Provincial Hospital – Operating Room’s Head Nurse for a day made me remember one line the movie, Spider-Man that says “With great power comes great responsibility…”

Our exposure is tiring yet full of amazement and fun. Prior to our duty days, our anxiety level was increasing every hour due to the fact that we did not have our duty in the OR for nearly a year; it was as if all that we know before drained all the way down the sink, but as we are re-oriented again the ON switch button in our brain for the information about OR has been remembered. And are back on our feet in no time and ready to do as much as procedure we can assist.

Before the RLE exposure, when I hear the word “Head Nursing” from my fellow batch mates, it is always coupled with the words “TOXIC, TOXIC and TOXIC” and when I was the one on duty, I proved them right and wrong. You have to prepare for your activities and you need to monitor your staff nurses all the time. Honestly, I even forgot how it is to urinate because I was busy facilitating my staff nurses. You have to comply with the needs of your staff as well as the doctors and you have to evaluate your staff. You are the boss and the decision always comes from you it’s like you call the shot and you are the final say. If you look at the brighter side, being the boss gives you pleasure and you don’t need to assist during the operation and other nursing procedures however, you should be there and check if you’re staff is doing everything correctly and appropriately. Decision making is a great deal and responsibility, once you made a mistake you can ruin one’s life, or so everyone’...
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