Topics: Optometry, Visual perception, Erie, Pennsylvania Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: March 7, 2013
There are so many different career options to choose from. I personally found being an optometrist would suit me best. An optometrist, also known as an O.D. or an eye doctor, works with the eyes and performs eye exams and also checks for diseases and vision problems. They also prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses as needed for most patients. I have had a fascination with the eyes for years. With my best friend’s mom being an optometrist and my cousin going to school to become one, I am more and more fascinated with optometry. The Holland Code also showed me that being an optometrist is a good career option to pursue because I scored high in the social and realistic categories. I feel that this career will suit me well because I enjoy being and working with people. Being a good listener and explainer is a quality I possess, and needed to be an optometrist. Also, I enjoy working with gadgets and technology. I have a steady hand and a good eye which is needed for the job. The most important thing I feel is needed, that I possess, is being a good student and getting good grades. School is an essential part of becoming an optometrist. Being an advanced student is something that will help me tremendously. Taking plenty of math and science is needed. When looking at different schools, it is helpful to take AP biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus, so the college experience will be a little easier. Taking a foreign language is a great thing to do because with all of the different languages spoken in the United States I will be able to work with the different groups of patients. Job shadowing an O.D. is something I’ll do because it will show me what an one does on a day to day basis. This will help me be sure that going to college for optometry is definitely something I will want to do. Volunteering at an optometrist's office would be a good experience to do also because it will show me the atmosphere that an O.D. works in. An optometrist is an...
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