Optimism and Positive Mental Attitude

Topics: Optimism, Pessimism, Is the glass half empty or half full? Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Brett Webster
Aharen Richardson
English 1113
October 9, 2012

I think of Optimism as a positive mental attitude. A more formal definition of optimism is an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and or to anticipate the best possible outcome. People are generally either optimistic or pessimistic. Being optimistic or having a positive outlook can include being optimistic about life, family, career and money. Optimistic people tend to see a glass half full and pessimists tend to see a glass half empty. Most people already know if they are optimistic or pessimistic by nature. People can also choose to be more optimistic and positive about events and situations and arise in their everyday life. “The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) Pastor, Theologian, German Resistance Fighter in World War II. Being optimistic about life is having a positive outlook of everyday and future events. An example of life optimism would be when you get into a car wreck and total your vehicle and come away without a scratch and think “I sure am lucky to be alive.” Being optimistic about your job or career is also important. Optimism in this area would mean being positive, having a good attitude and working hard to achieve your goals. Remaining optimistic about the growth and health of a family is important as well. Optimism most definitely is an infectious attribute. Lastly and maybe the hardest thing to remain optimistic about is money. Sometimes you feel like you just don’t know what you’re going to do to be able to pay something. For me things always seem to work out which makes me even more optimistic about the future. I like to think optimism comes easy for me. In most situations I remain...
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