Optical Camouflage

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The advancement in science is making what we may have thought of as impossible, probable. Humans may become invisible as the extra terrestrials which are considered to be probably invisible. A new technology provides a way to this. In this paper a scientific technology that is used to implement this idea is presented. The optical camouflage technology is one of the famous scientific technologies which helps in the invention of a new type of cloak called the invisible cloak. This is one of the big revolutions created in the area of virtual reality. It is just a concept of reflection of light by the cloak. The person who wears this cloak will feel as just what he feels with the ordinary cloaks but the person will be invisible to the outside environment. This is the main advantage of this cloak. There are many other interesting features present in this paper about this cloak.

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Although optical is a term that technically refers to all forms of light, most proposed forms of optical camouflage would only provide invisibility in the visible portion of the spectrum. The research on the concept of invisibility was started in 1977 and was very successfully accomplished in 2003. Initially Professor Tachi from the University of Tokyo said that he had first had the idea of developing something to make objects invisible in 1977. But the imag e was flat and unrealistic. He came up with retro-reflective material which causes the coat to act as a screen and gives a transparent - or invisible - effect. Similarly, Duke University is using microwave beam deflection, making it appear almost as if nothing were there at all. . If you’ve seen the movie “Harry Potter” then you may recognize the idea of an invisibility cloak.

Optical camouflage is a hypothetical type of active camouflage currently only in a very primitive stage of development. The idea is relatively straightforward: to create the illusion of invisibility by covering an object with something that projects the scene directly behind that Chaitanya Institute of Engineering & Technology

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object. Optical camouflage is a kind of active camouflage which completely envelopes the wearer. It displays an image of the scene on the side opposite the viewer on it, so that the viewer can "see through" the wearer, rendering the wearer invisible. Although optical is a term that technically refers to all forms of light, most proposed forms of optical camouflage would only provide invisibility in the visible portion of the spectrum. Prototype examples and proposed designs of optical camouflage devices range back to the late eighties at least, and the concept began to appear in fiction in the late nineties.

CHAPTER 2.1 : Components of the Optical Camouflage:
Optical camouflage doesn't work by way of magic. It works by taking advantage of something called augmented-reality technology. Augmented-reality systems add computergenerated information to a user's sensory perceptions. Most augmented-reality systems require that users look through a special viewing apparatus to see a real-world scene enhanced with synthesized graphics. They also require a powerful computer. Optical camouflage requires these things, as well, but it also requires several other components. 

A garment made from highly reflective material

A video camera

A computer

A projector

A special, half-silvered mirror called a combiner; which is the

viewing screen

CHAPTER 2.2 : The Cloak:

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It is made up of retro-reflective material. It has an observer that receives more of the reflected light and therefore sees a brighter reflection. It can be seen far away and outside in bright sunlight.

CHAPTER 2.3 : Other...
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