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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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ADM 3301 students are reminded that submitted assignments must be neat, readable, and well-organized. Assignment marks will be adjusted for sloppiness, poor grammar and spelling, as well as for technical errors. Plagiarism on assignments will not be accepted, each student must sign the statement of integrity. E-mail questions related to the assignment should be sent to the Teaching Assistant.

Section A: S.M. Amin Kamali (skamali@uottawa.ca)

Section B and Section C: Sara Barghi (sbarg104@uottawa.ca)

Problem #1
The following table lists the components needed to assemble a final product FP, lead times (in weeks) and quantities on hand. |item |Lead Time |Amount on Hand |Direct Components | |FP |1 |10 |L(3), C(1), K(2) | |L |3 |20 |B(1), J(3) | |C |2 |15 |G(2), B(2) | |K |3 |40 |H(4), B(3) | |B |2 |25 | | |J |2 |30 | | |G |1 |5 | | |H |1 |- | |

a) If 60 units of the final product FP are to be assembled, how many additional units of B are needed? (You don’t need to develop and MRP plan)

b) An order of 60 units of the final product FP is scheduled to be shipped at the start of week 10. What is the latest week that...
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