Ops Flowchart Week 1

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Process Flowchart
OPS 571
December 3, 2012

Process Flowchart
Daily tasks are often mundane and become a ritual for many. Often these tasks are process oriented. This allows these tasks to be set-up as a way to save time, improve the structure, or allow one to improve. The use of a flowchart enables the process to be illustrated through its phases in which solutions and tasks can be complete simultaneously. This paper will evaluate the flowchart of my daily task of preparing for inspections and will help me improve and be more efficient. A review of the process, flowchart, and various factors affecting the design and metrics to measure the progress of the process will be discussed. Factors

“A good way to start analyzing a process is with a diagram showing the basic elements of a process—typically tasks, flows, and storage areas” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, p. 157, 2006). This basic design allows identification of the process steps with little confusion. This process was chosen because my I need to make my preparation time more efficient. Process design has many factors to consider and operational managers must review it to design an effective working process. Demand, levels of quality, flexibility, and customers may need to be evaluated. The following factors affect my daily preparation: ? Is the day fully booked with inspections

? Did I wash all needed attire for the type of home I will be inspecting ? The types of tools needed for the job, and are they working ? Do I have more than one inspection

? Do I have enough gas
? Weather
The demand will vary making this process a non-steady state process. These are the following steps in preparing for daily inspections: 1. Are there inspections to conduct, yes go to step 2, no go to step 3. 2. One or two inspections, one go to step 4, two go to step 5, pack lunch. 3. Review the weather.

4. Are clothes...
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