Ops 571 Week 4 Team

Topics: Management, Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing
Taryn Stewart, Yana Williams, Brynda Mota, Victor Garcia
June 7, 2012
Shannon Mathis- Roberts MA,MBA

Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing
This assignment will center on Riordan Manufacturing, how they increase productivity, and efficiency. Through the next few paragraphs, it will show how improvements are made to Riordan Manufacturing’s current supply chain. It also touches on how Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain process extends globally. It will also evaluate the different factors that guide strategic capacity planning at Riordan Manufacturing. Finally, it will analyze Riordan Manufacturing’s current application process to making its current production system lean.

Riordan Manufacturing supply chain starts with the planning of the products and does not end until the product reaches the consumer. Tompkins (2012) states that most supply chains show illustrations of the following: plan, buy, make, move, store, and sell while managing the flow of material, services, and information. This flow starts from raw material suppliers and ends when the product reaches the customer, Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano (2006). Focusing on the supply chain process for the electric fans at Riordan extends globally. Riordan Manufacturing operates their electric fans unit out of Hangzhou, China but sells them across the world, Apollo (2012). The company has been successful in using a method call make-to-stock operations. This is a forecast of future demand sales based on the past three-years of sales. This forecast proposes the yearly needs of electric motors from the local companies excluding special orders. Special orders are by request only. In addition, Riordan outsources the plastic polymers necessary for production of the fan. Another local company produces these individual parts by specification to fit inside the fans. On site, the fan blade and fan housing are added to the motor and other...
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