Ops 571 Week 2 Pizza Store Layout

Topics: Learning curve, Learning, Time Pages: 4 (939 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Pizza Store Layout
Mario’s Pizzeria
Mario’s Pizzeria, a family-owned establishment is known for authentic taste, fresh ingredients, brick oven baked pizza, is an example of common modern phenomena. The pizzeria has been in business since 1950 and brings with it a reputation in its home in Palm Springs, California, for its quality and uniqueness. Mario wishes to pass the business down through his family, however a new set of streamlined processes are required to remain competitive while still providing that family owned ambience that is one of their hallmarks. Customers are dissatisfied with the wait time and it necessary to evaluate the customer population, customer que wait times, the servicing system, and develop a priority rule for determining who is served next. The current business flow through process at the pizzeria is: 1.four servers

2.two kitchen staff
3. four manual ovens
4.14 tables that seat four with no other table seating types available 5.Cream puffs product in addition to Pizza

Wait time is on average about 10 ½ minutes. The current process cannot compete with its fast food pizzeria competitors, and is realizing a decrease in profits. Long queues cause loss of customers through too lengthy waits in seating, ordering, and receiving their pizzas. Changes are needed to streamline the current process to reduce the number of customer wait times. Learning Curve

The start of the improvement process and learning curve begin with data/metric collection. Lean Six Sigma (Motorola 1986) guidelines that indicate that performance metrics should lead to a quantitative assessment of gains in: 1.Customer Satisfaction

2.Organizational Performance
3.Workforce Excellence

The Process
The first step in developing performance metrics is to involve the people who are responsible for the work to be measured because they are the most knowledgeable about the work. Once these people are identified and involved, a new process...
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