Oprah the Civil Rights Activists

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The Queen of talk show TV, the book club diva, the supporter of all great causes , humanitarian , the great, loving, Oprah Gale Winefrey. Oprah has done and do so many things to support the Civil and Post-Civil Rights Movements. She dosent in fact recieves as much reconization as she deserves but hey shes Oprahs. In times of nationwide distress everyone turns for Oprahs response so when a civil rights contrversy breaks over the nation Oprah is the first one on it. She gives her opinion she supports it with fact and reasonings. She honors the legends and she encourages the rookies. She fights for equality. Oprah Winfrey received the National Civil Rights Museum's prestigious Freedom Award the honor, which in the past has been bestowed on Coretta Scott King, Nelson Mandela and former U.S. presidents Clinton and Carter. Oprah also dedicated a show "Oprah's 'Crash' moment," which refers to the recent film that deals with shades of racism. Oprah Winfrey, has spoken for years on her hit daytime show about race, received the Freedom Award in the fall of 2005 at a ceremony in Memphis. She has provided resources and money to build schools for at least 50,000 children in South AfricaIn May, Oprah also held a Legends Ball in which she honored 25 of her personal African-American heroines, among them civil rights activists Dorothy Height and Rosa Parks. She remains an Civil rights activist because her voice has helped change the outlook on African Americans, and has laid out a eaiser path to freedom for Blacks everywhere.
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