Dorian Elzy
Speech Pd.1

I’m here to inform you on the life of Oprah Gale Winfrey. According to NBC5 West Palm Beach, Oprah Winfrey has made an impact on many lives throughout America. She’s impacted white, black, Hispanic, all types of ethnic groups and back rounds. These different people came from all over to see her last show. One lady in the clip was from Texas. Another was from California. They all share one similar interest, a love for Oprah. In order to interpret Oprah’s life a little clearer we’ll first acknowledge her adolescence. Secondly, her rise to the icon she is today, and lastly her accomplishments.

Oprah Gale Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi on January 29th. Oprah’s early years of life were spent with her grandmother. Around the age of 6 Oprah moved back with her mother and two half-brothers in Milwaukee. It was then that Oprah began to show her natural talent of speech. She would recite poems and social events and teas. It wasn’t all roses with Oprah as some would think. According to Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, during her youth she started to misbehave, she was repeatedly sexually abused by several male relatives and family friends, and in response she rebelled against her mother's authority and started to lie, steal, and run away from home. Her behavior got to such an extent that her mother forced her to live with her father in Nashville. Oprah’s father and stepmother kept a close eye on her and made her read a book a week. Oprah once said, "I don't know if my father has read a book in his entire life, nor my stepmother. But they were educated enough to know that reading was important." She began to flourish in speech and debate. For this she received a full scholarship to Tennessee State University. Oprah loved to be in the lime light so she entered pageants. To many surprise she won them all. This led to Oprah’s big break. According to Contemporary Authors Online, Oprah received a job as a News...
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