Oppression of Women

Topics: Women's rights, Human rights, Women's suffrage Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Throughout most of our history women have traditionally been oppressed. Since early times, women’s rights have always been controlled by others, limiting them from politics from having any kind of social status. Women were traditionally seen as the weaker sex, creating new forms of easy and free labor with the duties of the household. They were expected to sow, cook, care for their family, clean, tend to livestock, etc. Their main and only role maintained in the house. Until recently with the Westward expansion and with the revolution of America was where women’s rights became a crucial topic across the nation. During the nineteenth century, the women’s rights movement was vastly significant, leading to equal rights, suffrage movements and the increasing opportunities for women in the workforce. Now as times have progressed from such radical traditions we have come a long way to think that now both men and woman are equal. Unfortunately, there are still issues regarding that statement in the reality of where people stand in feminist movements. In this essay, I would like to target those who are against women’s rights(sexists) and to answer a question of theirs. Is the Feminist movement a sign of hypocrisy?

The true definition of hypocrisy is “technically a falseness, professing one belief, policy, or standard while not following it in your own actions. A hypocrite is someone who has double standards and speaks in duplicity.”1 This is basically someone who doesn't practice what they preach and is a commonly used term against feminist movements. Behind this question is that women still continue to collect men's financial support both in home during marriage and after marriage. The need for alimony and other forced financial aid, which is a burden men face in divorces shows a sign of women's dependency. This perhaps is a the most kind of evidence anti-feminisms can provide that don’t consider women as equals. Having said this, women typically deserve alimony not...
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