Oppression Experienced in Nigeria

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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My experience of oppression when I was in Nigeria
Women are exploited and face oppression every day mostly single women.. In the workplace women are forced into low paying, insecure and in the community. Women’s problem does not stop at the work place. In my own experience, when I was in Nigeria with my mother, she was oppressed; she couldn’t buy a house because she was a single mother. The seller wanted to sell his house to a married woman or couple because they think that a single mother cannot afford the house rent, and maintenances. Also as a single mother, coming home after a hard day at work she had faced another shift of housework with little help from us. When I was in school in Nigeria, I have seen a lot of poor student been oppressed by rich student. Rich student having to pay the lecturer to give them good grades while the poor student would be studying everyday without receiving good grades because they did not have the money to bribe the lecturer just like the rich student. In order for the poor student to make good grades without having to give the lecturer some money is to have sex with the lecturer or the poor student would be dropped out of school. In this case such tyranny should not be taking place; I believe such oppression could be opposed. Another experience I had when I was at the market in Nigeria, how a taxi driver oppresses a homeless man on the street without food. The homeless man asked the cab driver for some money to get some food, and the taxi driver became so upset and starts telling other people not to give the homeless any food or money.
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