Oppression and Discrimination

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Oppression and Discrimination
Tony T
February 19, 2012
C. F.

Oppression and Discrimination
Our nation has been plagued with oppressed and discriminated people for a very long time. During this discussion, the focus will be on discussing how oppression and discrimination affect all people in our society, both majority and minorities alike. Minority groups are subordinate groups in our society that have less control over their lives than do members of a majority or dominant group. Expectations of success, wealth and happiness are narrowed in society as a member of a minority group. By contrast, being in a majority group does not guarantee automatic possession of these ideals either. Oppression has always had a strong foothold in any society. Tyrannical rulers, overpowering rules and policies can all contribute to oppression of the masses. Couple oppression and discrimination; which ultimately implies oppressing a group and the creation for disaster is set in motion. An example of how Asians and Indians were oppressed and discriminated against in our society is best explained by a study conducted by Richard LaPiere. (LaPiere, 1934). The study concluded and showed intolerance by more than 90% of the establishments that would “accept members of the Chinese race as guests in their establishment.” More than 90 percent of these establishments responded no. Not only has there been intolerance against Asians, but also during the 19th century, movements were in place to remove Asians due to the low number of jobs available nationally. “Asian immigrants were singled out for restriction with the passage of the 1882 Exclusion act as they became scapegoats for America’s sagging economy.” (Schaefer, R. 2006). One way Asians adapted to discrimination was by becoming fully integrated into society by contributing to advances in technology and commerce trades. Although many strides have been made to redress discrimination, it has been found that Asians are still...
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