Opposing Gay Marriage

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  • Published : July 25, 2010
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Opposing Gay Marriage
Nearly seventy percent of people in the United States oppose gay marriage. There are a lot of reasons why gay marriage should be opposed. Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. Marriage is for procreation (The Divine Institution of Marriage). Gay and lesbian couples would represent a profound change in the meaning of marriage. I strongly disagree with same sex marriage because it is against the laws of nature, society and religion.

First let’s look at some reasons why gay couples think they should have the right to marry. They think that denying them is a violation of religious freedom. They also think that it encourages people to have strong family values and give up high risk sexual lifestyle. If you ask a gay person what is the most important reason why they should be allowed to married, they would say the only thing that should matter in a marriage is love. So what is the big deal? If two people love each other, should they be allowed the same rights, privileges and responsibilities, no matter their gender? Yet, marriage is so much greater than the commitment of two people to each other. Marriage is an institution that much of our culture revolves around. The main reason for denying marriage to gay couples is that most religions consider homosexuality a sin; however, the First Amendment of the constitution clearly states that a person’s religious views or lack thereof must be protected. Marriage by the state is a secular activity; the government cannot start making laws just because a religion says they should. Approving gay marriage can encourage people to have strong family values and give up high risk sexual lifestyles. One of the main arguments against gay marriage is that it would further erode family values; however, the opposite is true. The problems related to sexuality in our society such as STDs stem from carefree, frivolous lifestyles; in other words, having frequent, unprotected sex with many partners....
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