Opportunity Essay

Topics: Failure, Success, Music Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Daniel Kim

One of the best ways to be succeeded is taking advantage of opportunities. Since all people experience various events and meet different people in their lifetime, they often have opportunities. However, most people do not take advantage of opportunities which can lead them success. I argue that taking advantage of opportunities is beneficial because it helps people build their future, brings other opportunities, and gives various experiences.

When people experience various opportunities, they can find their potential talents which can lead them into successful future. All people have different talents. However, people cannot find their potential talents before they experience specific events. For example, I got an opportunity to sing in my church in front of 200 people. Although I thought it is hard to sing in front of 200 people, I decided to try. The result was very successful and I eventually became a famous man in my church. After I sang at the church, my friend who has an indi band invited me to his band as a lead vocal. Through the opportunity to sing at the church, I found my potential talent which is now the most valuable job to me. People cannot plan their future without taking opportunities. Thus, various opportunities make people find their future. Although people are able to build their future through opportunities, they also can get other valuable opportunities through various opportunities.

Through the opportunities, people can find more valuable opportunities. People often say that opportunities always bring other opportunities. For this reason, when people experience various opportunities, they can find the best opportunities for them. For example, my aunt had a chance to participate a musical show. Since she enjoyed and studied music, she took a chance to participate the musical show. During the show, her beautiful voice and acts made people impressed. After the musical show, Dan-Kook University scouted my...
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