Opportunity Cost

Topics: Economics, Thought, Time Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Christina Lee
Period 3
Opportunity Cost Paper
Opportunity Cost is defined as the “second” best alternative. As human beings, we generally tend to organize our options where the most advantageous choice is placed at the very top, down to the options that least ‘spark’ our interests. Usually the options towards the very top are more beneficial to us compared to the options near the bottom. Thus forcing us to weigh out the positives and negatives for each available option. A situation I faced where I had to choose between two conditions were having a job and keeping more time available to focus on my schoolwork.

The choice between having a job and having more time to study for school has to have been my greatest opportunity cost that I have faced in my life so far. Since school is very important to my family and is viewed as a long-term beneficial option, making the choice was very difficult. I thought about how my school work was very important and should be a priority because the work ethics I achieve now are shown and carried onto college and my future success in obtaining a stable career. On the other side as a teen having a job is more short-term. When you have a job, you are sacrificing the time you have to study and improve your education to work in an area that may not require a high education. Despite the time you are giving up to work on other things, you are also being exposed to a more fast-paced environment, gaining responsibilities working with other employees, and communicating with customers. Having a job is also very convenient because of the money you make. Money is a very big factor in society and can be used towards many things like tuitions, paying for fun activities with friends, gas for your car, etc. But the final proposition I made was whether I should be prioritizing school or making money. In the end, I chose to get a job and work to make extra money because as long as I have good motives with advancing my education and...
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