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1. Opportunities
2.1 旅游产业发展迅速
2004年,我国入境旅游全面恢复振兴并有新的突破性大发展。全年入境旅游人数达1.09亿人次,比2003年增长18.96%,比2002年增长11.37%:其中外国人1693.25万人次,比上年增长48.49%,比2002年增长25.99%。 In 2004, China's inbound tourism revitalization and has new breakthrough in big development is fully restored. Throughout the year to 109 million, the number of inbound tourism increased by 18.96% than in 2003, up 11.37% from 2002, 16.9325 million people, including foreigners an increase of 48.49% over the previous year, up 25.99% from 2002. 根据2004年入境游客花费抽样调查结果及2004年入境人数的具体构成,经测算,2004年我国旅游外汇收入为257.39亿美元,比2003年增长26.26%。 According to the result of inbound tourists spent sampling survey in 2004 and 2004, the exact makeup of immigration, through calculation, our country tourist foreign exchange income of $25.739 billion in 2004, up 26.26% from 2003. 中国旅游市场的增幅远远大于当年中国GDP的增幅,是一个名副其实的朝阳产业。 China's tourism market is far greater than the growth of growth of GDP in China, is a veritable sunrise industry.

2.2 市场基础坚实
东滩湿地周边是上海及长三角地区,该地区是我国经济最发达的地区和经济发展势头最为强劲的区域,该区域的社会经济发展和人们对提高生活质量的要求不断高涨,为东滩湿地的旅游业发展业奠定了一个广阔的市场基础。 Dongtan wetland is around Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta region, the region is the most economically developed areas in China and the strongest momentum of economic development zone, the region's social and economic development and to improve the quality of life of people demand rising, for the tourism development of dongtan wetlands industry laid a broad market foundation.

2.3 旅游产业政策积极
上海目前正在积极促进现代服务业的发展。作为现代服务的重要组成部分、旅游业一直受到上海市政府的重视。上海市政府已于2004年3月1日颁布了《上海市旅游条例》。在该《条例》中,专门辟出一章(第二章)强调旅游产业的促进与发展。 Shanghai is actively promoting the development of modern service industry. As an important part of modern service, tourism has been brought to the attention of the Shanghai municipal government. The Shanghai government has issued on March 1, 2004 "rules of Shanghai tourism". In the regulations, specially for a chapter (chapter 2) emphasizes the promotion and development of the tourism...
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