Opinion of Craig M. Garrison's Paper on Death of a Salesman

Topics: Essay, Tragic hero, High school Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Katrina Stokes
AP English
Death of a Salesman Make-up
In the play that Miller created, and in the essay by Craig M. Garrison they both have agreeing points; there are some points in the essay which I disagree with, but other than that I agree on with the majority of the essay.

The essay by Craig M. Garrison explains that essentially it is Willy Loman’s fault as to how he went insane. We in the end feel pity for Willy, because he just doesn’t get it. He is a man who is losing his mind, and a man who Garrison believes is not a tragic hero, but I believe he is a tragic hero. Tragic heroes are great people, but they all have a flaw which hurts them in the end. But being a tragic hero means that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for what you believe in. Willy Loman did do that. He took his life so his family can live comfortably. In his twisted delusion state of mind it all made sense, but to us, the readers, all he had to do was realize that his “dream” was too farfetched, he couldn’t ever achieve it. He couldn’t realize that he wouldn’t be the successful business man who makes a lot of money. Due to this flaw of not accepting reality he became a tragic hero. Both the essay and the play agree that that American Dream is a good dream to have but it’s so difficult to achieve and people spend their lives trying to grab it, usually falling short of their dream. “Willy can only blame himself for not becoming what he wanted to be” (Garrison). This is the part of the essay I also cannot agree with. Can Willy blame himself? He tried so hard to become successful, but he was not cut out for it. With college, some colleges will not accept you because they do not believe you belong there. MIT for example, when they interview you, the base how you act in the interview to see if you belong at their highly research based school. If you’re highly motivated, really want to go into research, and show your passion for it then to should be a good interview. Now if...
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