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  • Published : August 5, 2011
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Opinion essay |[pic] | |
|[pic]|A. Writing an opinion essay refers to written assignments asked to complete at schools and colleges. This is a specific | | |task that may be a new one to do for you as a student. However, there will be no difficult parts if you read this opinion | | |essay guide designed specially for students who are in need. Having read this information you will find out how to write an| | |opinion essay. | | | | | |B. This type of essays consists of several aspects, which are to be taken into account. The most important part is your own| | |opinion expressed on the topic supported by reliable sources and valuable information presented by others (scientists, | | |researchers, professors). Before you start writing, think about your paper topic, essay structure and thesis statement. You| | |should write this assignment long before the deadline in order to leave time for the final draft composing and revisions. | | | | | |C. The most widely used structure of an opinion essay is the following: outline, introduction with statement, main part of | | |the work and conclusion. Do not forget to include title page and reference page into your paper so that it looks organized.| | |Although this task requires patience, time and concentration on the writing process, this is considered to be the most | | |exciting assignment by the majority of students who have free time and are busy with their studies only. However, students | | |who have to work and study at the same time do not have much time for written assignments and think opinion essays...
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