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Stare up the Steps or Step up the Stairs

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain
In life, we cannot be always that kind of person who succeeds and wins in every way he goes by just merely looking at something he wants to get. We cannot go any further if we will not take the first step. If we want to improve for the better, we must go for it no matter how hard the beginning is.

During the first year of Las Piñas Science High School, teachers and students had to adjust in terms of facilities, because back then, there was only one stand fan and socket used in each classroom. Since there was only one socket provided, every time they were going to use the pojector, they had to experience the hotness inside the classroom. It turns out that all of them are sweaty at the end of the discussion.

Now, everything has changed. From Las Piñas Science High School, the school’s name was changed into Las Piñas City National Science High School. Facilities have improved. Comfort rooms were enhanced, as well as the classrooms. Each room currently has a maximum of our electric fans and two to four sockets as a part of the PTA and GPTA’s projects. The second campus building was added with a third floor in order to accommodate incoming freshmen. A flag pole was built in front of the main buiding and recently, a government project was done that aims to give the school a track-and-field runway. This is also the first year that LPScie is going to have and release its first batch of graduates, the pilot students of the school, in which they passed in the entrance exam of De La Salle University.

LPScie has also experienced joining several contests in the division, regional, and national levels. This way, students are empowered to be competitive and productive citizens.
Based from the past few years, LPScie’s performance is rapidly increasing and this is a good sign of the fast development of the school. In order to maintain this kind of performance,...
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