Ophthalmologists Future

Topics: Ophthalmology, High school, Visual perception Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Ophthalmologist’s Steps
Ophthalmologist see concerns with the human eye on a daily bases. Many people today confuse ophthalmologist and optometrist thinking that they are the same, because they both deal with eyes. To be specific ophthalmologists are physicians who diagnose and treat diseases of the eye, including glaucoma and cataracts; vision problems such as nearsightedness, and eye injuries. To be an ophthalmologist is a very difficult task to achieve. To become an ophthalmologist you need innumerable amounts of skills and aptitudes. The three basic skills that they should have is a good eye, a big heart, and intelligence. They must also have exceptional vision as well as good eyesight. They must have a genuine concern for the people who need their service, especially for the outpatients who lack finances to pay expensive doctors like these. They must also be quick in thinking, keen to details, and have good manual dexterity especially when they are authorized to perform surgeries. Also, these ophthalmologists should have a passion for their career for them to perform well. In high school there are some courses you should take to be prepared for this type career. In high school you should take numerous science classes such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy. These classes will teach you the basics that relate to becoming an ophthalmologist. There are many years of post secondary education that every ophthalmologist has to go through. Ophthalmologist must finish a four year bachelors degree in college, then four years of medical school to obtain a M.D or D.O degree. After school is finished you have to do a one year internship and do three years in a residency program which have to be approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, and finally enroll in a one to two year fellowship program. You also have to passed college English, Mathematics, Optics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology to get accepted into an optometrist...
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