Ophelia's Emotions Through Flowers

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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Ophelia’s Emotions through Flowers
When people get gifts for others, they usually look something that holds a special meaning. Guys give their girlfriends or wives jewelry because it means he s committed to her. Friends get each other gifts that would remind one of the other. Generally, gifts physically show or represent the bond between two people. Likewise, Ophelia uses flowers to indirectly express her feelings. Shakespeare liked to use flowers and plants to illustrate his ideas and during his time, flower symbolism was very popular, so the audience understood the importance of each flower (Eriksson). Those that Ophelia included in her bouquet symbolized her feelings towards her family and friends and her aspects of life. The death of Polonius greatly impacted Ophelia. It left her in grief. When coping with death, people go through many emotions. They may become sad, shocked, unprepared, confused, or angry. Their emotions may become stronger and deeper than usual, and it is a much different emotional experience than any other. But they are all natural human reactions to deaths (Bellenir 79). Polonius was a major character in Ophelia’s life. He basically controlled her life, and his desires became hers. His death left her with confusion and intense grief. She also developed a sense of anger and resentment towards others, such as the king and queen. Being a sensitive young woman, Ophelia expressed her emotions by passing out flowers to the court in her assumed mad state of mind. Laertes returned to Denmark after hearing what happened to his father. Ophelia continued to sing seemingly random songs, and gives him a rosemary which meant faithfulness and to remember, and pansies for thoughts. She tells him “Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, / that’s for thoughts” (Shakespeare IV.v.175-6). She did not know who murdered their father. By giving him pansies and a rosemary, she asked him to help her find out, or to remember and think, who was responsible....
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