Operations Project on Shopper Stop

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Submitted by:
1. Neethu U (seat no: 01)
2. Nandhini S (seat no: 03)
3. Srijan Dhawan (seat no: 28)
4. Sayantan Ghosh (seat no: 77)
5. Deepa Bharati (seat no: 78)

Guided by: Mr. Ganganath Jayanthy
SECTION – C (2012-14 SEM II)


We take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us directly or indirectly during the completion of this interim report. Our heartfelt gratitude to our project guide Mr. Ganganath Jayanthy, Professor Department of Operation Management. His support, advice and encouragement were very vital for this project. I am also thankful to the readers for their feedback. Last but not the least we thank our family and friends who gave us direction and moral support towards completion of this project.

Yours Sincerely,
Neethu U
Nandhini S
Srijan Dhawan
Sayantan Ghosh
Deepa Bharati


Chapter No.| Title| Page no.|
1| 1.0) INTRODUCTION| 4|
2| 2.0) BACKGROUND 2.1) Product Categories 2.2) Brands| 456| 3| 3.0) RETAIL STORE LAYOUT| 6|
4| 4.0) SERVICE PROCESSES 4.1) Characteristics of Services 4.2) Services Triangle 4.3) Cycle of Service 4.4) Degree of Customer Contact 4.5) Service Matrix 4.6) Service Blueprint | 8889101111| 5| 5.0) WAITING LINE ASSEMBLY| 13|

6| 6.0) LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT| 14| 7| 7.0) FACILITY LOCATION 7.1) Factor-rating Systems| 1717| 8| 8.0) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT 8.1) Auto Replenishment 8.2) Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) | 171818| 9| 9.0) CONCLUSION| 18|

Shoppers’ Stop is one of the leading retail stores in India. Shoppers’ Stop began by operating a chain of department stores under the name “Shoppers’ Stop”. Shoppers’ Stop has 56 stores across the country (with the latest one being the outlet at Kumar Pacific Mall, Pune) including three airport stores. Shoppers’ Stop retails a range of branded apparel and private label under the following categories of apparel, footwear, fashion jewellery, leather products, accessories and home products. These are complemented by cafe, food, entertainment, personal care and various beauty related services. Shoppers’ Stop launched its e-store with delivery across major cities in India in 2008. The website retails all the products available at Shoppers’ Stop stores, including apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Shoppers’ Stop opened stores in Amritsar, Bhopal and Aurangabad. In Hyderabad, Shoppers’ Stop is located in the following 3 major areas * Begumpet

* Inorbit mall, Madhapur
* Banjara Hills
We made our visit to Shoppers’ Stop in Inorbit mall, Madhapur. During our visit, we have analyzed certain concepts of Operations Management which helped us to apply our theoretical knowledge on a practical basis. 2.0) BACKGROUND

Foundation of Shoppers’ Stop was laid on October 27, 1991 by the K. Raheja group of companies, one of India’s biggest hospitality and real estate players. The group crossed yet another milestone with its lifestyle venture-Shoppers’ Stop. With its immense expertise in the service industry and creditability, Shoppers’ Stop today boasts of 27 retail outlets across the country and is planning to spread its wings with futuristic expansion plans to meet the challenges of the retail industry. A benchmark for the Indian retail industry to follow, Shoppers’ Stop has progressed from a single brand shop to a Fashion & Lifestyle store for the families. Shoppers’ Stop is a household name, known for its superior quality products, services and above all, a complete shopping experience. Shoppers’ Stop was the first to redefine shopping experience and creating a niche for itself in the service industry. As India’s first specialty chain with outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Chennai, Shoppers’...
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