Operations Plan

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Operations Plan for SOLOMON’S Café

1.0 Introduction2
2.0 Second product line introduction strategy3
3.0 Process5
4.0 Supply Chain7
5.0 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems8

1.0 Introduction

Business operation in the food industry is unique. The operation differs in a number of issues relating to operations, strategy formulation, daily operations and process implementation process. It is also important to mention that process improvement in the food industry differs greatly from the manufacturing or shop-set up. In this paper, Pizza Delicacy Solomon’s isCafe is an a popular anonymous restaurant operating in the US food industry sector. The procedures and processes mentioned may not really have taken place but the paper presents a typical idea situation that a firm under such a position may develop and implement new line of product introduction in its menu.

1. Background

Pizza Delicacy Solomon’s hasCafe has been operating successfully in the US food industry. The firm operates a number of stores across the US. Basically, the firm has concentrated its product offering to preparation of sandwiches for walk-in customers. The success of offering sandwich as a breakfast product has improved over the years. In fact, the firm presently is synonymous with sandwiches just like Dorman’s Restaurants Starbucks isare synonymous for Coffee.

1.2 Basic operations management

Pizza delicacy Solomon’s Cafe as mentioned provides one line of breakfast product to its customers. The firm has been selling Sandwiches for the last three years. The firm offers assorted sandwiches to its customers. In this case, the firm prepares chicken sandwiches, Beef Sandwiches, Cheese Sandwiches and Tuna Sandwiches. Therefore, as far as variety was considered, the customers simply chose from the various types of sandwiches under display. Preparation of sandwiches is done in a two hour process. All the bread is sourced from our sister Bakery. Currently, Pizza Bbakery a sister company supplies the restaurant with bread. Bread is delivered a day before is intention to preparation to a sandwich. In addition, our sandwiches have cucumber slices and tomato as part of the contents. The cucumber slices and tomato are cut at the restaurant. Thus preparation of sandwich involves three individuals. The first individual cuts the bread and smears margarine. The second individual arranges cucumber slices and tomato slices alternating and adds the sandwich within the cut area. The last individual mechanically wraps the sandwich ready for storage.

2.0 Second product line introduction strategy

The firm plans to improve market share and hence customer loyalty. This is being considered in relation to introducing a new product line. The management of the firm has been thinking about introducing a new line of products to the firm. Some of the moving forces towards introducing new products have been the brand name and that the customer loyalty the firm has built over the years. According to the management, it would be a noble idea to introduce a new line of product for breakfast. The basis for this operational plan is that introducing new line of breakfast products will have two fold benefits for the firm. First the firm will give the customers a variety to choose from in satisfying their needs. The other benefit is that the restaurant will be in a position to serve potential customers who do not like sandwiches but can go for anything else.

2.1 Operations and supply strategy for expansion

The management recognizes that new product introduction is a challenging process. However, the present infrastructure and systems can successfully support a new product line. Therefore, the firm will purchase new equipments required to make the new product in case the present equipments do not support (Lynn & Lynn, 2009). In...
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