“Operations of Ncc Bank Ltd, & a Special View on Foreign Exchange Operations ”

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Banks are the key financial institutions that play a vital role in the country’s economy. Globalization in the banking sector has thrown up opportunities as well as challenges. Competition is getting edge day by day. It paces with the continuous development occurring in the tremendous competitive environment.

To keep pace with this situation, need banking knowledge for future career. If I want to buildup my career in banking area, not only theoretical knowledge would help me. As internship program is established to gather practical knowledge regarding various sector of economy, I chose to get practical knowledge regarding banking sector then I choose Jamuna Bank limited as my organization to work. However this Bank performance of online system, corporate social responsibility, other’s opportunities.

The Bank undertakes all types of banking transactions to support the development of trade and commerce of the country. JBL's services are also available for the entrepreneurs to set up new ventures and BMRE of industrial units.

Financial performance statements of commercial banks and presents a procedure for analyzing bank profitability and risks using historical data. The bank has advantage of loans & advance, remittance business, import, export business and foreign exchange. This procedure involves capital structure aggregate profit ratios into their components to help identify key factors that influence performance.

Objectives of the Study

1. To evaluate the performance of the bank.
2. To establish relationship banking and improve service quality through development of Strategic Marketing Plans. 3. To develop and retain a quality work-force through an effective human Resources Management System. 4. To evaluate the investment performance under loan and advance. 5. To explore the scenario of foreign exchange activities & performance of Jamuna Bank Limited 6. To know the overall functioning of Jamuna Bank Ltd.

7. To explore the general Baking scenario of JBL.
8. To have some practical exposures that will be helpful for my future career.


This report has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of internship from 26 July 2009 to 3 September 2009. For preparing this report, I have undergone group discussion, collected data and to the selected Officers and interviewed with some of them. I also studied different circulars, bank report and files of the bank. I hope these criteria will be enough to find out different picture of financial performance of the selected bank Jamuna Bank Limited.

Sources of data:
In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely.

The "Primary Sources" are as follows:
□ Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staffs of the Branch. □ Informal conversation with the clients.
□ Practical work exposures from the different desks of the departments of the Branch covered. □ Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned.

The "Secondary Source" of data and information are:

• Annual Report of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
• Various Books, articles, compilations etc. regarding general banking functions, foreign exchange operations and credit policies. • Different 'Procedure Manual', published by Jamuna Bank. • Banks financial statement.

• Marketing research book.
• Periodicals.
• Bulletins.
• Circular.
• Monthly transaction record of the bank.

A good Annual Report is the mirror of a bank. I have gone through the “Annual Reports” of the bank very carefully. To compare the performance of NBL, I also collect the Annual Reports of International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Limited (IFIC). I have chosen this bank as peer group of National Bank because this is belonging to first private sector bank. I posted the Balance sheet items and income statements...
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