Operations Management Syllabus

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Final examination Pages: 10 (1120 words) Published: April 27, 2013


MBA 646


|Instructor: |Dr. Boaz Nandwa | | |boaz@cud.ac.ae | |Prerequisites: |MBA 501 & MBA- 506 & MBA-643 | |Credit Hours: |3 | |Course Description: |This course presents an investigation of the conditions under which the output of goods and services are | | |maximized in business organizations; Topics include Business Strategy & Global Competitiveness; Quality | | |Management; Product/Service Design; Transformation System Design; Capacity and Location Planning; Schedule | | |Management; Supply Chain Management; Inventory Management; Material Requirements Planning; Just In Time | | |Management; Project Management; Ethical issues. | |On completion of the course, the student should be able to: | | | |Learning Skills | |Learning outcomes | |Measures | | | |Analysis | |Analyse the concept of value in the total process diagram. Analyse the relationship of operations to the rest of the organization, including| |marketing, finance, and engineering | |Examinations | |Quizzes Assignments | | | |Application | | | |Apply various models to business scenarios, including forecasting, inventory, statistical process control, and sampling plans | |Examinations | |Quizzes Assignments Case Analysis | | | |Synthesis...
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