Operations Management Product Design

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Product and Service design plays a strategic role in helping an organization achieve its goals. A good product or service design can ensure customer satisfaction, quality and production costs. On the other hand, if an organization is offering poor product or service, customer’s feedback in the form of lack of interest will result in poor sales. Also quality and production costs are affected by poor design of the product or service.

Some key reasons to design or redesign a product are simply. They can include economic and social demographic. For example, a new cell phone design can be aimed to the new texting boom that is among teenagers and even adults. Also cost or availability can be a reason. A service can be reduced in price because of mass competitors. A product can increase in cost because the design cost a little more to make.

The key questions for product and service design would include: is there a demand for it, can we do it, what level of quality is appropriate, and does it make sense from an economic standpoint. These are important questions that an organization must think about before designing because they don’t want to waste time and money. They are making sure that it is even worth changing the product or service.

The main sources of ideas for designing or redesigning a product can come from a variety of sources, including customers, the supply chain, competitors, employees, and research. Also another source of ideas come from the product or service competitors.

Some of the things you need to consider when making a product or service is legal, ethical, and sustainability. The organization don’t want to have the law coming after you because the product or service is against the law in this country or any other you have to offer it. Businesses want to make safe and efficient products to prevent lawsuits or deaths. They also would want their product or service to be good that they have consumers coming back for more.

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