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|Assessment Reference | | |Student Name | | |Student Number | | |Assignment Question |Consider the operations function of the organisation where you are currently | | |employed or one with which you are familiar. | | | | | |Using the most recent operations management literature sources you are required to | | |provide a critical analysis of the design of their operations function particularly | | |with regard to the major factors influencing its processes and their effectiveness. | |Word Count |2935 |


The design in operations is an important factor to the critical success in my current department that functions as a HR Shared Services to the organisation. With the starting background information of the shared services department, the illustration will follow with the analysis of the major key considerations in the process design and their effectiveness; namely, Product/Service design, Supply network design, Layout and flow, Process technology, and last but not least, the Job design (See Figure 1 as illustrated in Slack et al (2007)).


Figure 1 Process Design

Background Information

I work for an internal department located in Singapore, i.e. Citi Employee Services (CES) Asia Pacific/Japan, which is part of Citibank N.A. CES is essentially a HR Shared Services function that provides support to all employees and the HR communities in Asia Pacific; which include services like processing of HR administrative functions such as on-boarding, payroll, and exit terminations; as well as supporting all the various HR systems within the company. Under the department hierarchy (See Figure 2), which all reports to a regional director sitting here in Singapore, the functional areas of responsibilities are divided into the following sub-teams:

• Global Initiatives implementing new projects or initiatives;

• Training and Communications providing the training and communication on all the products or services launched by the department;

• Business Unit Management overseeing the areas of finance and compliance;

• Systems Support providing production support to all HR applications;

• Four major groups of service centres providing HR administrative services and payroll support to countries across Asia Pacific, namely Japan, South-east Asia, North Asia and South Asia; and last but not least,

• Regional Processing Centre providing data processing support to all the service centres.

All the service centres groups, Systems Support and the Regional Processing Centre are directly performing the operations of the shared services;...
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