Operations Management: Hiking Experience

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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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The are dependent and statistical variables that that impact on the way the plant should be running. The balanced plant concept is based on balancing capacity with efficiency. By balancing the plant with capacity you is ensuring bancrupcy.The reason being due to the dependent events and statistical fluctuations. A dependent event is the event in which the output of one event influences the input of the other. The statistical fluctuations is an event that vary from one stance to the next.Stastistical events average themselves out overtime, for example where a worker can produce an average of of work pieces /hour but the exact output will be more or less than that number each hour. To balance the plant one has to look at dependents events and statistical fluctuation together. During the hike to devil’s Gulch the dependent event was the line that the scouts walked, in which the first person must walk the trail before the other person behind could .Alex faces the constraint in the form of the slowest boy Herbie, and realises that in a chain of dependent process statistical fluctuations can occur at any step, that results in the time lags between the process that accumulate and grow in size further down the chain. This leads in the performance of the system becoming worse than the average capacity. The hike was analogous to a set of dependent events subject to statistical fluctuation, overtime the fluctuation do not average out, but rather accumulate because of the influence of the dependent events limits the opportunity of the gain in fluctuations. The length of the hikers becomes comparable with the total production process.

The observation as the result of hike experience:
1. Final throughput is measured by the rate of the last and slowest operation in the sequence. 2. Invetory is equal to the length between the leader and the back door which should be maximised. 3. Operational expense is roughly measured by his energy expended which must be conserved. 4. Some...
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