Operations Management Case Study on Bakery

Topics: Management, Risk, Baking Pages: 17 (4876 words) Published: March 23, 2012

1.Introduction 2

2.Outline of the report 3

3.Best Bake Operational objectives 4

4.Conclusion 16

5.References 17


This report is a case study about aspects of operations management involved in a bakery. The bakery was founded in 1960s. This is one of the famous bakeries known as Best bake in south of Bangalore. I have analyzed the operations management concepts and also few recommendations done in the necessity areas. As one of the oldest bakeries in the city, Best bake sets high standards to emulate and follow. Variety of bakery products are produced such as wheat loafs, buns, cookies, cakes, pizzas, pies, etc. The bakery is well equipped with the best and latest machineries such as ovens, biscuit machines, filling injectors, glazing and refrigeration equipment, pie machines, bread moulders, etc. Best bake employs approximately 500 people in 7 outlets. Over 200 of these workers have been with the business for more than 20 years. Every day approximately more than fifteen thousand products are prepared and distributed around the city. This ensures many retail outlets have freshly baked products daily.The company produces varieties of breads such as garlic bread, peanut bread etc. Best bake keeping health and diet in mind produces fat free cakes and sugar free breads. Besides their normal business of baking, Best bake have also variety of cake flavor such as vanilla, blueberry, coffee etc. they are also into taking bulk and special orders for occasions. Best bake is a family business with family values and is devoted to the tradition of baking which is followed since ages. Best bake leading position is supported by the company’s dedication to supply high quality and fresh bakery products. To make customer less time consuming Best bake introduced online orders and free home delivery. Although the company has been investigating in innovation and new product development every organization has to plan for the future. The key areas of Best bake plan are to focus on the quality by baking the best bread and other bakery products every day, drive sales run efficient bakeries, manage costs invest in people working within the business and grow in a chain. The profit that Best bake ears in approximately 150000 INR per month The process of operations/production management is to associate and transmute various resources used in the production/operations subsystems of the organization into value added products and services in a controlled manner as per the policies of the company. Best bake are also introduced with the operations management concepts which is discussed further of this assessment. Therefore Best bake has set this as a part of their organization which is concerned with the transformation of a range of inputs into the required services having a requisite quality level. This report aims to analyze Best bake’s operation strategy. The four management objectives risk management, quality management, systems for operations and waste management will be looked individually and put in context with its operations. The focus will be then on suggestions for improvements so that Best bake will be able to maintain or even strengthen its position.

Case study outline

Activities are scheduled in an organization to meet time customer requirements and improve their operational efficiency. This report focuses on the operation management concepts in order to meet customer requirements on time and improve their operational efficiencies....
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