Operations Management

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  • Published: March 4, 2012
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Operations Management
Focus Area : Part I: Week 2 BASICS
Careers in OM, Integration with Business, Generalized OM, OM versus Project Management, OM versus Project Managers, OM Decisions, 5 P’s, POM Policy, Guides to create POM Policy

Instructor’s Name

Muhammad Salman Bilal
PE, PMP, PMI-RMP Reference Production and Operation Management Pearson Education

Sixth Edition

Authors: Alan Muhlemann, John Oakland, Keith Lockyer

Overview Part I: BASICS

Week 1 Introduction to Operations Management (OM), OM History

Week 2 OM Careers, OM integrated with Business, OM versus Project Management, Strategic OM decisions, 5 P’s, Planning the Operations Week 3 OM based organizational structuring (Assignment 1)



Careers in Operations Management
Successful operations managers must:
• Be able to motivate and lead people by letting them know OM is integrally related to all the business functions. • Understand how technology can make a manufacturer more productive and efficient to sustain & grow business • Understand the relationship between the customer, the marketing of a product, and the production of a product to become productive enterprise • Appreciate the control processes that lower production costs and improve product quality because large percentage of revenue of most firms is spent in OM

NOTE: 40% of the available jobs are in OM Ops managers MUST appreciate the manufacturing process Mass production: a process that lowers the cost required to produce a large number of identical or similar products over a long period of time Analytic process: a process that breaks raw materials into different component parts Synthetic process: a process that combines raw materials or components to create a finished product

The Conversion Process
The purpose of the resources conversion process is to provide utility to customers • Utility: the ability of a good or service to satisfy a human need • Four types of...
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