Operations Management

Topics: Build-A-Bear Workshop, Stuffed toy, Teddy bear Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: April 30, 2011
This Essay is about the Build -A- Bear workshop Inc. According to the Build-A-Bear company, it is the only global company that offers an interactive and customized stuffing animal retail entertainment. Founded by Maxine Clark in St.louis back in 1997. The build a bear workshop currently operates in more than 400 stores worldwide, it is a leading interactive retailer and it has been able to keep up to its customer’s satisfactions, Loyalty and delight since it started operating. In this Essay, I will be discussing about some of the operations and marketing concepts of the build A Bear workshop and also about the relationship between Maxine Clark and the customers. In addition, I will be explaining some of the key points why build a bear workshop differs from other traditional toy industries and also what other skills Soren and his employees should learn in order to develop the Build-A-bear operations.

Slack et al. (2007) states that every operations produce products or services by changing inputs into output. They do this by using the ‘’input-transformation-output’ processes. The general transformation process model which is used to describe the nature of operations. Operations are processes that take in a set of input resources which are used to transform something or are transformed themselves, into output of products and services. And although all operations conform to this general input-transformation-output model, they differ in the nature of their specific inputs and output.

Everything that we wear, eat, sit on, use, we read, the toys kids play with have all been produced through a general operations model into a finished good and service. The build-A-bear workshop is not any exceptional to this general operations model.

An illustration of a general operations model.Transformed resource……. Materials information customers...
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