Operations Management

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Operations management must be managed properly in order to improve an organization’s productivity and profitability. In the Cadbury World case, several micro and macro processes are involved and those processes bring some impacts to Cadbury World. Thus, Cadbury World must possess a sustainable micro and macro processes to achieve the best outcome and performance. Micro processes that involved are easily to manage compared to macro processes because macro processes are hard to manage or manipulate (Jae, Shim, Joel & Siegel, 1999). As a result, Cadbury World must put more efforts in solving the obstacles and troubles that occurred within the macro processes. First of foremost, we will be discussing the micro processes that involved in Cadbury World case. Within the micro processes, they can make some planning on their operation and strategic management processes to enhance their business and profitability.

Micro Processes| Explanation and elaboration|
Company| * Cadbury has set up a team to improve their operation management. * More tickets collectors have been assigned in the exhibition centre to manage and help visitors when they need assistance. * Cadbury is always open for criticism, feedbacks and recommendation to improve their operation management. | Customers

| * Cadbury always attempting to fulfill all the requirements and needs from their customers and ensure their customers will have a wonderful trip in their exhibition centre. * This is because customers will affect their reputation and brand name if they are not satisfying with the services and products that provided (Galloway, 1998). * Other than that, Cadbury has launched some new products and add more elements into their exhibition programme to attract more visitors and customers. | Competitors| * Cadbury World has implemented SWOT analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses and also the opportunities and threats from their outside environment. So that, they are able to gain the competitive advantage among their competitors. | Intermediaries| * Cadbury requires several marketing intermediaries in promoting their activities and products. * As such, they have selected some marketing intermediaries to promote this Cadbury World exhibition event and help them to gain the profits.| Suppliers| * It is crucial to select the best suppliers to enhance the production of Cadbury. Due to this, Cadbury has implemented some analysis and works when choosing their suppliers because they always ensure their products have the high quality that can fulfill every customer’s requirements.| Table 1: Micro processes as applied to the case Cadbury World

Macro Processes| Description |
Demographic| * Several analysis have been implemented to analyze the preference and needs among people from different demographic profile. * This is because demographic profile is crucial when managing the requirements from different customers. * Those analysis can be done according to several groups such as gender, age group, nationality, likeliness.| Natural| * Cadbury always seek for alternatives although their natural resources are still available and still able to support their operation and production. * This is because they believed that natural resources will be finished exploited in one day. So that, they want to put some efforts before the day to come. | Economic| * Economic trend must be aware from time to time to prevent Cadbury World business being affected during the economic crisis.| Technological| * Cadbury always conscious and aware with the new technological and applied the technological elements into their operation system to gain the higher profits. * Besides, with the technological elements such as automated system or centralized system can help their operation system become more efficient and easy to manage the visitors that entering their exhibition centre....
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