Operational Research Questions

Topics: Optimization, Simplex algorithm, Operations research Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 13, 2011
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1) Explain the term Operations Research.
2) Give the characteristics of OR.
3) Explain the phases of OR.
4) Write a note on methodology of OR.
5) Explain applications & scope of OR.
6) What is linear programming problem? Discuss the scope & role of linear programming in solving management problems. 7) Describe the limitations of linear programming in decision-making. 8) What do you understand by a linear programming problem? What are its major requirements? 9) Briefly explain the major applications of linear programming in business. 11) Discuss the assumptions in the context of LPPs.

12) What steps are required in solving LPPs by graphic method? Discuss in brief. 13) What is feasible region? Is it necessary that it should always be a convex set? 14) Define iso-profit line. How does it affect the optimal solutions to an LPP? 15) How would you know whether the solution to a LPP is unique or not? In this connection, state the conditions that should be satisfied for more than one optimal solution. 16) Explain the phenomenon of ‘infeasibility’ in an LP problem. What are the indicators of such a phenomenon? How it can be handled?

18) Solve the LPP using Simplex method.
Max z = 3x1+5x2+4x3
s.t 2x1+3x2 = 0.

21) One company manufactures & sales two products A & B. Each unit of product A requires 1 hour of machining & 2 hours of skilled labour, whereas each unit of product B uses 2 hours of machining & 1 hour of labour. For the coming month the machine capacity is limited to 720 machine-hours & the skilled labour is limited to 780 hours. Not more than 320 units of product A can be sold in the market during a month a) Develop a suitable model that will enable determination of the optimal product-mix. b) Determine the optimal product-mix & the maximum contribution. Unit contribution from product A is Rs. 6 & from product B is Rs. 4. c) What will be the...
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