Operational Management Pt. Manado Teknik Mandiri

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In every company, whether in small or large scale, must have an operational strategy. This operational strategy regards how the strategies they do in their business activities. were all aimed at ensuring that their businesses can be run well so that it impacted their business can survive even in order to become the leader of a similar business. Thus, their business can get benefit. Many companies can successfully survive and even become the market leader because they have a solid operational strategy. They are able to compete with their business opponents, and because they have a solid strategy, they can surpass their business opponents. Because of that operational strategy is very important in a business. But the strategy is very dependent operation of the system in the company's management. Since the determining strategies is the leadership and employees who run it. Therefore, the steady operation strategy was caused by all the parties involved with the company also established. For that in this assignment our group will discuss the operational strategy and all elements of a business strategy, such as innovation, resource control, work organization, etc. related to the operational strategy. And in this assignment we used PT. Manado Teknik Mandiri is moving in trade in goods mining and construction services as based for our research.

External Audit
After reformation era, National Development has started to spread to the regions out of Java, especially to the East of Indonesia. It stimulated the industry growth to develop and to reach the potential region. So that, the industry growth in Eastern Indonesia reached the starting point and develop step by step. North Sulawesi also experienced the development. At first, the core business of PT Manado Teknik Mandiri is Trading Supply. Then, there are many changes in the business environment. In 2000s, Central Government of Indonesia started to empowerment the region in Eastern Indonesia, one of them is North Sulawesi. Many Industries entered and grew. PT Manado Teknik Mandiri saw this opportunity and made an innovation that is to add constructing service into their core business. They observed that in North Sulawesi, there was no domestic manufacturing company focusing on constructing service. So, absolutely they took this opportunity to focus on constructing service. The second reason, they made market segmentation as their trading with the clients. They found that they ought to add constructing service to maximize their productivity and chain value.

After they added constructing service in their business, they reanalyzed the market segmentation from their trading business to choose a line of business for their constructing service. After they analyzed, they conclude that their constructing service will focus on Mining construction. It didn’t mean that they didn’t serve for another construction order. They chose to focus Mining Construction because most of their clients in trading supply are in mining business.

Internal Audit
Strength :
PT Manado Teknik Mandiri applied international standard of management •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri provided the operation with the most cost efficient delivery of products and parts replacement. •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri has kept strong relationships with its clients •The employees of PT Manado Teknik Mandiri has a technical skills •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri made work specialization for each of division. Jobs tend to be small but they can work efficiently •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri can be connected with an access to all overseas based OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures) •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri provided faster delivery systems, competitive pricing and quality guarantee’s. •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri had responsible resource control in their business. •PT Manado Teknik Mandiri emphasized the Total Quality Management. Weakness :

PT Manado Teknik Mandiri has not entered the commercial...
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