Operational Issues

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In this part of assignment, I will be explaining the issues a business would need to consider to go online. I have chosen a business called Hot-wishes which my colleges and I are going to do in about 5 month’s time. If this business decided to go online, it would need to consider these issues: 1.Planning issues:

Suitability of the business for an online operation – Deciding, whether it is a good idea to operate our small business online. ‘Hot-wishes’ would decide to go for it as we could increase sales; become well known... However, there would be also some negative points – we would need to get more people in our team to handle the online operation; there would be more work to do for all of us as well. Choice of domain name – Website’s domain name is normally the same as the organisational name so in this case it would be, for example, www.hot-wishes.co.uk or www.hotwishes.com. The name should be short, memorable and easy to spell. A name must be officially registered before it can be used. Set up – We, as owners of the business, would have to decide whether the website is going to be created ‘in-house’ or ‘outsource’. It means that if the website will be created in-house, it will be created by non-expert (if it is a basic website), using web authoring software, such as Microsoft FrontPage or by a specialist with more skills using Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Flash technology which producers different effects and designs. If the website will be created outsource, a professional agency will give advice on all aspects of a website, including security. In my opinion, it is worth it to pay an expert to do a website; however it could be very expensive. Availability of resources to cope – There are many reasons to operate business’ activities online. Most businesses go online to increase sales. This means that the volume of business should increase and the business must be able to cope with this – businesses would need to have extra staff for checking orders,...
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