Operational Issues

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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| Bank Of England |
To:General Manager
From:Anthony Green
Date: [ 03/02/2012 ]
Re:Operational issues within the BOE
After investigating our operational issues I have come up with a list of operational issues which will improve the way business information is used at the Bank of England. The bank of England will have to make changes to imply with the law and to make sure they staff are happy with the current working conditions and that they meet the requirements by law. Polices and laws and regulations regarding health and safety and the data protection act are in place so The Bank of England have to make sure they have polices to follow this or they will be in trouble with the law and could face court action and prosecution. Health and safety

The Bank of England has a strict approach to Health and safety matters. The most important part of Health and safety at the Bank of England is that their keep their staff safe and healthy. The first thing that can cause health issues would be the over use of computers. The health issues you could get is vision problems in terms of impaired vision as this would happen if you looked at a screen too long. You could also get back strain for sitting at a computer desk all day that is why it is recommended that you take regular breaks and have the right chairs for different staff so it supports their back and not cause discomfort as if they get an injury it will cost the business money in absences. Another cause of injury for using the computer too long is repetitive strain injury this is when you keep using your hand over and over again which then could lead to strains. If this happens the employee will have to use the rest ice compression method to which will mean their will take time off work. This is why it is important for the Bank of England to watch this as they don’t want high absences ratio as this will cost them. If the bank of England do not follow the health regulations the employee could take...
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