Operational Feasibility

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Chapter 4


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Operational Feasibility

The Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the Fishbone Diagram reflecting the operational feasibility project.
The machinery is made of devices that will be relevant in making the system truly functional, effective and efficient. Only the server computer that is needed in the web-based modules for admin that will serve all the user’s requests and for the web-based modules for user, computer/laptop would be enough.

Figure 1: Web-Based Student Information System Admin Control Panel Fishbone Diagram

The method is the event when the objective is fully implemented. The ability of the administrator to verify student account, monitor school activities and updates, manage student information and monitor student’s enrolment schedules and subjects are the things that the admin of the web-based application would be capable to do. The ability to register account, log-in/log-out account, update school activities, view student information, post comments/feedbacks to the daily updates and inquire balances/payments are allowable for the users to do in the web-based application.

The manpower is the end users of the program. Users must be knowledgeable enough to use the system. As illustrated in figure 1, only the administrator is authorize to use the said application. On the other hand, users are free to do anything on his/her account as illustrated in figure 2.

The materials are the tools that the proponents will be using in order to develop the system. PHP and MySQL and HTML are the tools that the proponents will be use in the web-based application.

The management in terms of web-based application for the admin would be all up to the administrator. The administrator will manage the entire system and will oversee the performance of the system. They will ensure that the students’ information are secured and no unauthorized personnel cannot access the account. Management in...
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