Operation Strategy, Monitoring and Controll

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Important findings
​Firstly, in this chapter we should know what are differences between operation control and strategic control. The strategic view of monitoring and control is similar to the operational view but there are differences in strategic level which is the objectives less clear and less knowledge of how to bring about desired outcome. Strategic plans have become crucial for ways to survive in an increasingly unstable global economic climate. Every business need to controled and apply corrective measure to get plans back on track. Strategic control can be non-repetative, with each elementation task involving unique project investment. Operational control, Professor Geert Hoftsede concludes is relatively straighforward: objective are unambigous, the effects of intervention are known and activities are repetative. One model of control uses the following question to distinguish between expert control, trial and error control, intutiative control, negotiate control and routine control. ​When environment changing rapidly, tracking performance, organization need to detect change by tracking performance, scanning the environmental, interprating the information detects and responding appropriately. To make it smoothly, the operation strategy process should be tracking progress into two type of implementation objective which are project objective and process objective. Besides, operation strategy also must compare progress againts some aspiration of target,  preferably involving a broad range of measure. The information in the balance scorecard are required to allow overall strategy of an organization to be reflect adequetly in specific performance measures. It contains financial measurement and operational measure of customer satisfation, internal processes, innovation and other improvement activities. ______________figure 10.5_________________________

Based on Stephen Bungay and Micheal Goold, there are a few important lessons about how to make...
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