Operation Rules and Process of Magnetic Control of Separation Equipment

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  • Published : December 30, 2011
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Magnetic control of process equipment in order to achieve the safe operation ofmagnetic separation equipment to ensure the smooth flow. It includes a continuous magnetic separation process equipment startup, shutdown, and troubleshooting automatic interlock operation; intermittent ore magnetic separator to process control and so on.

Continuous magnetic separation process in order to avoid flow blockage or overflow ore, usually equipment by reverse flow direction Mine started mining flow along the direction of downtime, failure alarm signal and stop sending equipment to the mining and automatic diversion to avoid accidents to expand. Control objective is to concentrate on ensuring the quality and recovery under the premise of improving the processing capacity of magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic Separator process parameters to the ore, pulp density, magnetic field strength, magnetic separator divided the constituency level, magnetic separator speed and grade of such concentrate and tailings.

Magnetic separation process control equipment, mainly magnetic separation process sequence control, to the ore deposits, the concentration of control plasma, magnetic separator and magnetic sub-constituency level control grade multi-parameter control. To mine on the continuous magnetic separator, such as the interruption to the mining of high gradient magnetic field of electromagnetic separator, in accordance with certain procedures required to run: (l), magnetic separator connected Power supply For excitation; (2), into the pulp to a magnetic separator and sorting; (3), stop and make the slurry returns to the ore mixing tank; (4); disconnect power to the magnetic excitation; (5), discharge magnetic magnetic minerals within the selected machine. And the cycle repeats the procedure. Magnetic separation process sequence control by the sequence controller (see mineral processing equipment in order controller) to achieve, according to the technical requirements of the...
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