Operation Problem in Pepsi

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Operations management problem in Pepsi

Operations management remains as an important branch of study both in the corporate worldas well as in academics. Talking of academics, operations management is an important partof the study in the curriculum of management studies. In other words, it is seen that thetheoretical base that a manager or a n executive needs to deal with the problems of thecompany are taught in the curriculum. Operations management is also an important part in anorganization ( Sweet, Franklyn H. 1964, pp 89-90)

. A full-fledged department is allocated tolook after this need of the organization. In addition o this care is taken that the problems thatthe organizations face in the field of operations department is solved at the earliest so that the production and quality of the products that pass out of the company does not hamper thegrowth and image of the organization. Operations management studies the internal workingand work process of a company. In fact it can be said that the planning, manufacturing andmaking of the products of the company is streamlined by the various processes of theoperations department of any organization ( Sweet, Franklyn H. 1964, pp 89-90)

. Thetechnical aspects of an organization is taken care of by the operations management of thatorganization. In fact all organizations and firms have operations management officers andfull fledged departments to take care of this aspect of the company. Thus, an organizationtends to adopt the marketing strategies that form an important part of the operationsmanagement group. Research scholars and market analysts have conducted lot of studies andresearches in this field and have confirmed that the principles of operations management andstrategies are best suited in any organization and in any sector
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