Operation Plan Funeral

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This section explains the daily operation of the company which includes equipment and facilities to be used, the operating costs, how the service will be made and customer support. Moreover, this takes in how the company will get the service out to the market and how it will be out of the production stage to the access of the target market. This also shows the responsiveness of the company in the industry's standards and regulations, as well as the future research and development plans.

Operation Plan
The strategy used by the business is Porter generic strategy. The strategies are on the dimensions of strategic scope and strategic strength. Strategic scope refers to the market segmentation while strategic strength refers to the company’s sustainable competitive advantages.

Facilities and Improvements
Afterlife Funeral Service will expand and provide more essential and up-to-date equipment needed for the continuing business operation. The development of the facilities will greatly help the not only the management of the company for giving quality and productive services, as well as its customer for the easier and less burden responsibilities for funeral process. Regulatory and Legal Issues

Provided by its own law governing Funeral Service processes, the Afterlife Funeral Service, must comply with all of the requirements stated in their laws and regulation, must acquire legal issues provided in their by-laws as their guide in the operation and management of its business. Customer Support

Afterlife Funeral Service also helps its customers by letting them pay partially. The service also helps in the insurance of the customers if ever that they don’t have. Helping lessen the burdens of the customers is also important to Afterlife Funeral Service. Future Research and Development Plans

As a future plan for the service, the proponents are planning for a diversification in e-burol and e-libing. It’s like facebook were the families can...
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