Operation Management Hayes and Wheelwright

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Leadership Pages: 4 (1073 words) Published: April 12, 2013

Core Business Skill is a task where I learnt how to improve on my basic skills and improving on personalize learning journal I have learnt many things that have not occurred before in my life. The main attempt here is to explain what I have gain throughout the whole semester. This task can help me boost on my Essential skill such as study skills, personal development skills and quantitative skills. This is not an easy task which requires contemplation and anticipation of the field of scope I shall be covering, therefore this module can also help me to broaden my mind and it may help me to be involved as an active participant.

1. Study skills

I. Reading and writing skills
Through these study skills I realize that I have improvement on my reading and writing skills through this semester, we receive a few journals to read and my lecturer even asked me to write an essay on ‘why I choose to be a student’ another task is personalize learning journal since the day that task was given till today I actually state my daily learning journal, I realize how important it is to know what am I doing and learning daily therefore it really does help me on my personal learning skills and writing skill.

II. Searching and evaluating information sources
From this study skill I and my group mate did a research on Burberry perfume we gather enough sources and evaluating for the product after doing all the research we process with our project and the outcome is successful. Through is skill we also learn on how to manage our assignment before starting on the task. 2. Personal developing skills

I. Presentation skill
On the presenting skill we have a total of 3 presentations for this subject and through this presentation it helped me to develop on my confident level on presenting my ideas to the lecturer and to my classmates. I believe that during a presentation the audience must have a...
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